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Wow, Where do I start? Shannon is an AMAZING doula!! I was pregnant with our second baby and had a weird gut feeling that we needed to deliver our daughter Emma in the hospital. However, this terrified me as a mom. I had only heard of horror stories, birthing plans not being followed, mothers being ignored, and more. I began to ask moms around me and knew I couldn’t do this on my own, I needed a strong support team.

Shannon was there for every little odd thing, or just emotional support. Life was hectic at the time and Shannon was the calm that I needed. Going through rounds of prodromal labor was rough, especially on my emotional and mental state, Shannon did an amazing job helping me keep up my spirits when I was ready to give up.

When it came time to induce little Emma, Shannon met us at the hospital, she helped guide me through comfortable positions with back labor, calmed me down when I got upset at the nurses, helped maintained my birthing wishes, reassured me through the valley and peeks of labor, listened to a raging laboring momma yell at her, and then after two hours and forty minutes she

was right there cheering me on as little Emma was being born.

Emma had a rough start, her blood sugars wouldn’t pick up. As a mom, I felt like I had failed my child. Shannon, stayed close by and reassured me that this was normal, and that the nurses and doctors knew what they were doing and it is ok to trust them. Sure enough, after one IV bag of glucose her sugars began to stabilize and we were finally sent home after a 4 day hospital stay.

Shannon’s care didn’t end at the hospital, she stopped by for postpartum care and checked on me often.

Should I have another child, I definitely would have her as my doula.

Many thanks again, Shannon

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