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Shannon is an awesome doula who is very professional, yet shows how much she truly cares for you and your family while going through one of the greatest experience in your life. Shannon made it possible for me to have a natural labor and delivery by encouraging me before and during the process. I did have my husband and mother with me for support, but Shannon ended up being my main support person. She made it possible for both my husband and mother to participate not only in supporting me but in being able to enjoy the birth of my daughter. Both my husband and my mother have since told me how much they appreciated Shannon being there to support me so they could be a part of everything. Shannon explained things to me while I was in labor and helped me make decision by informing me of all the options and risks. Because I wasn’t really sure what a doula did I wasn’t able to tell Shannon ahead of time what I wanted from her, but when the time came she was assertive enough to do what I really needed without being overbearing. She knew what I needed to help me relax and keep myself under control to get through my labor and delivery naturally. Even after everything was done Shannon stayed with us for a few hours and made sure everything was OK with me and the baby and my family. A few days later she visited with us at our home and made sure breastfeeding and everything else was going well. Shannon made herself available to me and my husband before, during and after my labor and delivery. I plan on asking Shannon to be a part of all my future pregnancies.

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